About Santiago Tennis

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Tennis lessons in your language

Do you love to learn or improve your tennis with an English speaking coach?

Are you searching for a good workout that is fun?

Or looking for a fun sports activity for your kid?

When I arrived in Chile I didn’t speak any spanish and I noticed it was hard to find english speaking tennis teachers and that many classes were not engaging. So I started Santiago Tennis with the idea to give fun, exciting tennis classes in a language in which the students can express themselves well.

Our Approach
´´People with goals succeed because they know where they are going´´. First we figure out for what reason you like to take classes (improving tennis skills, become fitter, social time, have a hitting partner), so we know where to base our classes on.
Then we like to know how you learn (verbal, visual, logical, aural or physical). By applying this and using a clear lesson structure, we maximize your growth and fun.