It´s important to us that you get what you pay for. We charge only the classes you show up. Also, our tennis class prices are based on the group size.

The following prices are based on a tennis class of 1 hour with a private tennis teacher. Included in the price is the hourly costs to hire the court at Club Martin de Zamora. Also we provide a racket if you need one.

Private Lessons
$33,000 per hour, 10 lesson package $300.000

Cardio Tennis
$12,000 per person per class of 1,5 hour

Group Lessons for kids and adults
2 people: $17,500 per person per class
3 people: $14,000 per person per class
4 people: $12,000 per person per class

  • The first group lesson is FOR FREE!!!
  • The fee for group lessons depends on the amount of people that show up. If less than 3 people confirmed for the class, we inform you and will decide in consultation to continue or cancel the class.