According to our belief that professional tennis lessons should be available to everyone, we give tennis lessons for 5 years old, tennis lessons for adults at different levels and private tennis lessons.

The tennis kids will be classified into a group with children of similar age. We use softer tennis balls and smaller courts for the younger kids, so they quickly experience success and stay motivated.

Tennis coaching for beginners consists in a group class of max. 4 people in which you learn to play tennis quickly. Basic tennis exists of a few principal techniques which we teach you with clear tips, repetition and patience. Before you know it you will play some long rallies.

In advanced / intermediate tennis lessons we focus on how to play better tennis. In high paced, game-oriented exercises we give you personalized advice on how to improve your game technically, tactically and mentally. If you let us, we like to push your physical limit too.

Also our tennis school offers a new concept, called Cardio Tennis. This is a tennis fitness workout with a high dynamic and short, intense exercises. It’s played in groups of 5 – 10 people with softer balls to make the rallies longer and the tennis workout more intense.